Play by f. scott fitzgerald
adapted for the stage by simon levy
May 2-16, 2018

F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel The Great Gatsby has been turned into several movies, an opera and now, it's come to the stage, bringing all the glitz, glamour and decadence of the Jazz Era roaring back to life. In Simon Levy's sparkling adaptation, Nick Carraway, a young newcomer to Long Island, is drawn into a world of obsession, greed and danger when he meets "The Great" Jay Gatsby, an enigmatic millionaire who's in dogged pursuit of his former paramour, the now-married Daisy Buchanan.

"Somewhere out there, Jay Gatsby is smiling one of those enigmatic smiles, with everything and nothing behind it. 'Yes, old sport,' Gatsby is saying, 'that's about right. That's about right.' Surely, that smiling sign of approval would be Gatsby's suitably understated take on Simon Levy’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby…a beautifully crafted interpretation of the 1925 novel which defined the Jazz Age…This is indeed a grand GATSBY." —London Free Press.

Running time is approx. 2 hours, 15 minutes including one intermission.


directed by
patrick brien

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