SPOTLIGHT: Bobby Collins


IVRT:    Tell me how you first got involved with IVRT . . .

BC: My first experience with IVRT was actually as an audience member.  My brother, Eugene, was in the cast of Bye, Bye, Birdie back in the 90’s.  When IVRT was reborn in 2007, I was pleased to be in the cast of both productions (Mame and The Sunshine Boys) in repertory

IVRT:    What do you think makes IVRT unique?

BC: IVRT, as like so many other local theatre companies, presents fantastic live theatre.  What sets us apart though?  I believe it is the commitment to identifying, developing and showcasing the talent within this community.  At its foundation, IVRT strives to employ great performers and musicians.  The result is great theatre.  

IVRT: What do you wish other people knew about IVRT?

BC: So often, people come up to me after seeing their first IVRT show and say something to the effect of “I had heard of IVRT, but I had no idea what to expect… and I can’t wait to come back!” I wish more people knew that you don’t need to go to L.A. or Pasadena to find top-notch theatre.  It’s right here in their backyard. 

IVRT: Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while working with IVRT?

BC: I’ve had the pleasure of meeting countless actors, phenomenal musicians, and a production staff that is second to none.  Their dedication and passion for their craft is truly awe-inspiring. 

IVRT: Tell me about someone who has influenced your decision to work with IVRT?

BC: From the artistic team to the guild members, IVRT is a phenomenal company to work for.  They take good care of both their actors and production team members.  And, let’s just say…it’s hard to say ‘No’ to Frank and Hope.

IVRT: What might others be surprised to know about you?

BC: I collect antique books on literature, history, and education. 

IVRT: What would you tell someone who is thinking about pursuing acting?

BC: Well, if they are looking for a safe, comfortable, reliable career, acting is not that.  Acting has to be something you do because there is a passion in your heart that drives you to do it. This is one of the reasons IVRT is such an asset.  It allows folks like me to have a day job and yet still quench the thirst to act and perform. 

IVRT: What do you think will change about IVRT, or live theatre in general, over the next five years?

BC: It’s always hard which way the wind will blow. Lots of theatres are bringing more technology into their shows.  You can’t see a show on Broadway anymore that doesn’t use projections in some way.  I also think that theatres will need to continue to work very hard to cultivate new audience members (from new demographics and geographic areas as well).  

IVRT: What’s it like to be an IVRT Company Member?

BC: Being a Company Member is great. It’s being part of an elite group of theatre professionals that contains tons and tons of talent, wisdom, and love for their craft.  I am honored to count myself among them. 

IVRT: How would your friends describe you?

BC: I think my friends, as well as my wife, would describe me as busy! Beyond that, I would hope that caring, responsible and loyal might come up.  I wouldn’t turn down ‘talented’ either. 

IVRT: What do you do when you aren’t acting?

BC: When not onstage, I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife, Laura, and watching others perform great works of theatre.