Don't let anyone ever tell you that comedy is easier than drama! And especially full-on "French bedroom" farce. Saw IVRT's Lend Me A Tenor last night, and was reminded of what an especially challenging genre this is - and these folks execute it to perfection. Timing, pace, rhythm, all spot on. Go see!

- Ron Hastings

* * * * * *

I just want to take a minute to share that Tom and I went to Inland Valley Repertory Theatre's Lend Me A Tenor last Wednesday night. Honestly, this is one no one should miss. It is absolutely hilarious, start to finish, with an amazing cast! The direction (by Frank Minano and Hope Kaufman  with Robert Hoyt as opera coach), pacing and acting were impecable! The set, modified by Mark MacKenzie, was perfect. Spencer Weitzel, starring as Max, is, hands down, one of my favorite comedians and his stage presence delightful.Renna Nightingale as Maggie, is the perfect mix of ditz and blonde bombshell, Michael Buczynski as Saunders, as always eats up the stage with a laugh-a-second! Benjamin Perez as Tito, is bigger-than-life and lovable (of course he IS a lovable man). Candida Calaya as Maria is the perfect artistic foil to Benjamin.

Jordan Killion as the bellhop is hilariously over-the-top, as it should be. Tiffany Berg as Diana is the sexy temptress and plays it so well! Cindy Watson Smith as Julina once again delights the audience with, to date, my favorite role for her! They are all perfectly cast and all funny as all get out! The ensemble works so very well together. 

Thank you once again, IVRT for a wonderful theatre experience!

- Ann Thomas

* * * * * *

I have seen this show a few times and it is always funny! Who doesn't love a great comedy #farce? This show is so hilarious and this cast pulled it off  without a hitch! Snaps to the entire cast and crew! 

Spencer Weitzel, you were outstanding! I was cracking up--the entire time, especially after you put on the Othello costume and makeup! You got to act a part within the play while playing a part! #funzone

Renna Nightingale, you were a delight to see as always! I loved your transformation from your Olive in Spelling Bee (that I recently saw you in) to the 1930's glamour girl, Maggie. You really are perfect for the role. The makeup on the face after kissing Max (as Tito) had me in stitches. 

Michael Buczynski you were funny every second you were on stage--so good! I always love your performances! 

Benjamin Perez, classic Tito--the accent, the moves, the cross between Gomez (Adams Family) and Ricky Ricardo in terms of your smiles and comedic timing was shear delight. Played off well with Candida Celaya as your Maria, and Tiffany Berg who was classic 1930's elegant vixen. Your scenes with both of them were so funny! Always love to see you perform.

Jordan Killion, your BellHop (Frank) was so entertaining and downright funny! and I've been loving your growth in different roles over the past few years! Keep up the good work! 

And Cindy Watson Smith, another fun supporting role played with a zestful exuberance that added so much to each scene.  

Shout out to Robert Hoyt (love you man) for voice coach and to all the crew and tech and volunteers!

Well done Frank Minano and Hope Kaufman! (Your casting is perfect for this one!) I am still raving about Funny Girl from February, and now you've gone and done it again! I'm hooked on IVRT Inland Valley Repertory Theatre company! Will be joining your donors list later this week. You hooked me!!

-  Scott Brennan

* * * * * *

Everyone run to the Candlelight Pavilion next Tuesday or Wednesday to see a brilliant farce presented by IVRT Inland Valley Repertory Theatre - "Lend Me a Tenor!" The timing is impeccable and the cast is first rate - congrats to Frank Minano and Hope Kaufman and the technicians at play - this is a perfect way to learn how to stage a farce! Thanks to all involved!

- Gary Krinke

* * * * * *

IVRT Inland Valley Repertory Theatre's "Lend Me a Tenor" is a laugh-out-loud hit!! Such a fantastic cast, great direction, beautiful costumes, and a funny, funny script!! Loved it! Bravo! 

- Kim Eberhart

* * * * * *

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of being at Inland Valley Repertory Theatre's opening of 

"Lend Me a Tenor." I fully enjoyed another example of the fine work IVRT is doing in our community theatre. This comic farce pushes everything possible to the extreme and the wonderful cast nailed every laugh related to every joke in the very funny script.

IVRT has once again assembled a cast of great talent and worked with them so they become melded into a finely tuned ensemble that works seamlessly and smoothly to establish the absurd world of the grand opera in 1930s Cleveland -- all to the delight of a wildly laughing audience (myself included). Just when it seems everything possible has gone wrong and been laughed at, you discover that you are wrong. There is plenty more to go amiss, and of course the characters in this story know how to make that happen.

Kudos to Director Frank Minano, Assistant Director Hope Kaufman, and Production Coordinator Bobby Collins for spearheading IVRT's production. They have assembled another fine artistic team including Opera Coach Robert Hoyt, Costume Coordinator JF Ceravolo Capuano (using costumes from The Theatre Company), Hair and Wig Designer Ken Martinez, Props and Set Decoration by Cindy Watson Smith, Set Modifier Mark MacKenzie, Light Designer/Operator Daniel Moorfield, and Sound Designer/Operator Nick Galvan.

I truly enjoyed having such familiar faces in the cast as Spencer Weitzel. Renna Nightingale, Michael Buczynski, Benjamin Perez, Candida Celaya, Jordan Killion, Tiffany Berg, and Cindy Watson Smith. I was especially impressed by the rapid-fire pacing and the precision of the interplay among the players from the onset of the first scene -- and how it continued without letup right through the brilliant curtain calls at the close of this hilarious play.

If you need some good laughs, and some finely produced theatre to top it all off, I wholeheartedly encourage your attendance next two weeks on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. And they even throw in a matinee; check the website at for details.

I cannot even imagine anyone regretting seeing this one!

- Don Anderson

* * * * * *

Congratulations Inland Valley Repertory Theatre on the terrific opening of "Lend Me a Tenor!" It was hilarious from start to farcical finish. Congrats, too, Frank Minano for your superb direction!

- Lee Jackman

* * * * * *

What an AWESOME night of theater!! BRAVO and CONGRATULATIONS my dear, sweet, talented friends on a GEM well played and excellently executed!! I LOVED it!! Truly a splendid evening of entertainment!! Everyone go see this! It's CHARMING!

- Dimyana Pelev

And they're off!

LEND ME A TENOR Gets a Great Start to a Good Day 

The cast of LEND ME A TENOR at the table read. Once the directing team assembles a cast (and this cast was hand picked!), the actors, director, assistant director, stage manager and costume designer get together to read through the script. At the reading for LEND ME A TENOR, IVRT's cast also enjoyed a "colazione" (which is Italian for breakfast). Everyone agreed through their laughter and camaradarie that this show promises to be spectacular!