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Purchase "The Whole Series" for $90 and your seats are reserved. No standing in line!

First come, first seated if you purchase "One Reading at a Time".

 "The Whole Series" 

 $90  includes:

each including 3-course dinner, soft beverage, tax & gratuity.

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SEATING MAP - Please note a change: 

Seats 1-8 and 17-20 are the only seats on a booth/bench. ALL other seats are now chairs. 

 "One Reading at a Time" 

 $35  includes:

Play Reading, 3-course dinner, soft beverage,tax & gratuity. 


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"Everything exceeded expectations. Play was delightful, actors were wonderful. The venue was very nice and the food was more than plentiful. Please do this again and again!"

"Excellent.  Actors really drew us in.  Felt like I was in the living room with them." 

"Loved it all! Let's do this again and often! Soon! What a delightful experience!"