TAMIKA ADAMS, Audience Development Intern

Q: Why are the arts in Los Angeles important?
A: The arts are the most honest, accurate representation of life in Los Angeles. Considering the vastness and sprawl of Los Angeles County, the arts institutions draw communities together. 

Q: If you could have an exotic animal as a pet, what would yours be and why?
A: No question, falcon. The animal is a homing device for food. Seriously, falcon all day.

Q: If you had one piece of advice to give to future interns participating in this program, what would it be?
A: Practice good listening. And I don't mean just sit there; truly listen with all of your focus because the things you will learn will echo in ways you never anticipated.

Q: What’s your favorite type of art to see and what’s your favorite type of art to practice?
A: My favorite art to see is theater because it portrays perspectives and relationships that can be cathartic and life-changing. My favorite art to practice would be dance because I can express myself with my entire body and release any struggle or joy in movement.

Q: What has been the most valuable thing you have learned from your internship thus far?
A: The most valuable thing I will take away from this internship is that the arts can only survive when passionate people are there to be its steward. There are many hidden machinations performed behind the scenes and I will never again take the arts for granted.


February 2016

Ray is very happy to be back at IVRT (and we're thrilled to have him!) to choreograph this February's FUNNY GIRL, having directed and choreographed our award winning 2012 production of HAIRSPRAY. 

Ray has directed and choreographed productions at the Lawrence Welk resort for over twenty years and over three hundred shows across the country, including the Welk's recent critically acclaimed productions of CABARET and CHICAGO (2013 Stage Scene LA Award Best Director/ Choreographer, San Diego Bravo Award Best Choreographer, and San Diego Critics Circle nomination Best Director). 

Other productions include SOUTH PACIFIC starring John Raitt, CHRISTMAS WITH CAROL CHANNING at the Aqua Caliente Casino in Palm Desert, and Liza Minelli's Man Alive concert at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. 

Ray has staged countless shows and special events for Disneyland and Walt Disney World including Walt Disney World's Fourth of July Spectacular, the internationally televised Super Bowl XXI Half-time show, and the opening to the Tournament of Roses Parade.

As a performer Ray has appeared in film and television including COLUMBO, EXORCIST - II THE HERETIC, and STAYING ALIVE starring John Travolta. 

Be sure to get your tickets to IVRT's FUNNY GIRL opening February 10th, and see why Ray Limon has been awarded six Stage Scene LA Awards, two Los Angeles Robby Awards, the Desert Theatre League Award, two London Arms Pub and Playhouse Awards, and two Inland Valley Theatre League Awards for Outstanding Director and Choreographer.

Behind the scenes at IVRT's 2012 "Hairspray", Ray Limon demonstrates a dance step to the cast.