Cast Lists

LITTLE WOMEN, the musical
April 12 - 26, 2017

directed by  PATRICK BRIEN
music directed by RONDA RUBIO
choreographed by KIM EBERHARDT
assistant director HOPE KAUFMAN

Jaclyn Kelly Shaw as Jo March
Christopher Lindsey  as Professor Bhaer
Katherine Minano as Amy March
Anna Daines  as Meg March
Haven Watts  as Beth March
Melinda Messenger-Stout  as Marmee March
Mel Chadwick  as Mr. Laurence
Andrew Wade as Laurie Laurence
Valerie Jasso  as Aunt March
Max Herzfeld  as Mr John Brooke 
Ensemble: Cindy Smith, Mark MacKenzie,
Rosalia Marenco, Candace Elder, Dante Marenco

*  *  *

October 25 - November 8, 2017

assistant director  HOPE KAUFMAN

Amy Rutledge as Truvy
Lauren Bell  as Annelle
Andrea Stradling as Clairee
Tracy Lay as Shelby
Vicky Dawson Irvine as M'Lynn
Pamela Lambert as Ouiser

*  *  *

January 13 - February 5, 2017
in association with the  Candlelight Pavilion

directed by JOHN LA LONDE
assistant director HOPE KAUFMAN
music directed by RONDA RUBIO
choreographed by JANET RENSLOW

Lindsey Joan as Belle
Matt Merchant* as the Beast
Stanton Morales as Cogsworth
Holly Jamison as Madame Le Grande Bouche
Angela Baumgardner as Mrs. Potts 
Lizzie Porcari as Babette
Andrew Bar as Chip
Nicholas Alexander as Le Fou
Michael Moon as Gaston
Bryan Overmyer as Lumiere
Frank Minano as Maurice

Ensemble: Jennavie Ochoa, Denise Esteves, Jenny Hoffman 
Bailey Sonner, Megan Lefferty, Emma Nossal, John-Paul Baptista, 
Josh Tangerman, John McGavin, Chad Takeda, Bryan Martinez

*appears through the courtesy of Actors Equity Association

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